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Generic forms filled out with no professional examination from a lawyer leave you exposed to significant legal risk. Your plans for your family and for the future disposition of your assets may not be observed. Your rights may not be protected and maximized.

I can provide those services for you at my firm, Hollabaugh Law, LLC, serving the entire Butler, Indiana, area. To learn more about my work history and qualifications, I invite you to review my detailed biography provided at the link below:

Family Law And Estate Planning Services Crafted For You

I provide all of my clients with individually-tailored legal services. To do that, I work one-on-one with you. You can depend on me to provide you with the candid and straightforward advice you need to understand your options and to choose from them wisely.

By working closely with you, I learn those details that make your case different from all the other cases. I then draw on that knowledge to craft legal solutions responsive to your unique circumstances.

Further, especially when you address your estate planning needs, you will benefit from working with an attorney who gets to know you and your family over the years. With that kind of traditional attorney-client relationship as a foundation, I can help you adapt your family’s estate planning needs to the changes that come with time as well as with any updates in the law.

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My firm offers initial consultations. To schedule yours, call me at 260-868-3807. You can also contact my office online if you prefer.

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