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Candid Guidance For Your Family's Legal Needs
Making important decisions about your family, now and in the future, will benefit from legal guidance tailored to your specific circumstances.

Family Legal Services For The Butler Area

When people are dealing with their family’s legal needs, they want to speak with an attorney who knows them. Here in Butler, DeKalb County, and surrounding areas in Indiana, it is no different.

You want personalized legal representation whether you need to go to court, perform an adoption, or if you want proper legal drafting performed for you in a will or an estate plan. You will be able to count on my firm, Hollabaugh Law, LLC to provide you with legal representation tailored to your specific needs.

That means I will craft legal work for you that takes into account local variations in the law. It also means I will identify how your case is different from other cases that, on the face of it, may have looked similar.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning

You can entrust your family’s future to my care. As a Butler resident myself, I understand the need for local services that allow you to know your lawyer on a long-term basis.

Family Law

I can help you resolve a dispute in court or through negotiation. You will be able to rely on me for the candid assessment of your situation you need in order to make intelligent decisions.

About Attorney Hollabaugh

I invite you to learn more about how I approach the law. I also provide a link to my detailed biography.

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Candid Guidance In Estate Planning And Other Family Matters

Often, one seemingly simple fact can entirely change your case. What seemed to be a simple straightforward issue now takes on a complexity you can only identify and manage with professional assistance.

Unfortunately, too many people make the mistake of thinking that commercially available forms, by themselves, are sufficient to meet their legal needs. In fact, those forms just serve as a starting point that needs to be tailored to your specific circumstances.

Let me be your eyes and ears when it comes to protecting your rights. As your lawyer, I can help you successfully navigate those estate planning and family law obstacles that trip up so many unknowing people.

Learn More About How We Can Address Your Legal Concerns

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